dinsdag 22 januari 2008

Moss, mos

Mosses have there time in winter. When it is not so dry, a lot of light and not freezing or snowing you can find a lot them almost everywhere. In other seasons you can find them too of course, but in winter they often seem the only living plants in the woods.
This is a Bryum species.
Mossen hebben hun hoogtepunt vaak in de winter. Wanneer het vochtig is en licht en wanneer het niet vriest of sneeuwt lijken ze vaak de enige levende planten in de winter. Mossen groeien natuurlijk ook in andere jaargetijden. Dit is een knikmossoort (Bryum spec.) gemaakt op Schaep en Burgh in 's-Graveland.

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Pixel-Pixie zei

Hello Martin,
I was delighted to find your blog via BlogCatalog - thanks for adding me to your neighborhood! You have some really fabulous images here - and it's really fun for me to see you doing a similar thing in your country to what I am doing in Kenya - recording the course of nature in photos and words...
Thanks for linking us up -
Take care,
Tanya (in Kenya)